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Dress to Empower

Join the COMMUNITY, make an IMPACT, wear to INFLUENCE, choose to EMPOWER!

We are Sensible Fashion Lovers...

We are, Rachna Bedi and Prabaarja Bedi, mother-daughter founders of UNfabricated. Our ‘passion for fashion’ and compassion brought us to identify an opportunity that kills two devils with one bullet i.e. we are creating opportunities to empower underprivileged women in India and we are aiming to reduce textile surplus that otherwise ends up in landfills.

For the past 10 years we have been up-cycling our outfits to create new ones, and style our outfits differently. Being strong believers of women empowerment, we have been working with local non profit organizations to educate and up-skill women.

We envision to create a community of Sensible Fashion Lovers that not only Dress to Impress but Dress to Empower

Let us lead the world towards SUSTAINABILITY and EQUALITY.

Join our Community of Sensible Fashion Lovers!

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